The AI Non-Revolution

ChatGPT is just the latest disappointment with the progress of AI technology.

Economics, Technology

It's Time to Train

A world-class AI training system for developing the human capital to innovate and build.

Economics, Technology

The Econ Ideal

Sound Money and Banking, Free Markets.


Global Debt Watch: $126.5 Trillion and Counting

Fueled by a decade of monetary stimulus.


Do Androids Dream of Human Companionship?

The state of artificial intelligence, cognitive systems and consumer AI. Part I.

Update: Part II coming soon (2024), including a Primer on Artificial Cognitive Systems and hardware implementations.

Philosophy, Science & Technology

Federal Reserve Capital Management

Is the Federal Reserve essentially a giant hedge fund?


Modern Monetary Madness and King George III

Are we doomed to the whims of central banks and oblivion spending governments? Another look at history may shed some insights.

Economics, Philosophy

Commodity Malthusians and Inflation

The rapid rise in commodity prices worldwide is due to currency devaluations – an inflationary phenomenon – and “Malthusian-inspired demand” is obscuring this pernicious problem.

Economics, Philosophy

We Should All Be Misesians Now

After several centuries of experimentation with boom-and-bust monetary and fiscal policies, we need to give the Austrian school a chance.

Economics, Philosophy

Getting Off Track: A Review

John B. Taylor’s recent book on the financial crisis of 2008 provides an objective look at how Federal Reserve monetary policies and Treasury mismanagement played a key role in the crisis, and could have been averted.


Get Smart and Blazing Saddles

The comedic genius of Mel Brooks still provides some of us with a healthy departure.

Culture, Philosphy

Less Government: A Rediscovered Trend

Government has become equivalent to an economic bubble: ever inflating and at considerable variance with intrinsic value. What is the solution? Less government. How do we get there? The Constitution’s Framers point the way.

Philosophy, Politics

Impact of Health Insurance Mandates and Medicare on Costs

Rapidly rising federal and state health insurance mandates are driving up the cost of insurance premiums, and below-market Medicare reimbursements are shifting costs to consumers.

Economics, Politics

Economic Terrorism: Should We Be Concerned?

Some have equated the acute financial turbulences of September 2008 with acts of “economic or financial terrorism.” Are they justified?


Dynamically Linked Web Data – The Next Internet Revolution

Reconfiguring the World Wide Web into a giant relational database that can learn.

Science & Technology

Why Health Care and Insurance Costs Are Out Of Control

Health care and insurance costs have been growing at many times the rate of inflation for years. Slowing or reversing the growth in costs can happen, but not by nationalizing health care. Fixing the tractable systemic issues and moving to a free market structure will lead to a “healthier” solution for everyone.


Japan vs. Korea: A View Of Economic Diversities

The differences in the economic and fiscal policies of Japan and South Korea over the last three decades are instructive for the U.S., if we are willing to listen.


Artists Need To Discover Camaraderie

Camaraderie and effective leadership often found in winning sports teams can benefit the dynamics of many other groups in our society.

Culture, Philosophy

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson has wreaked havoc on our capital markets. What might have happened if he’d never been nominated?

Economics, Politics

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