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Do Androids Dream of Human Companionship?

The state of artificial intelligence, cognitive systems and consumer AI. Part I.

Philosophy , Science & Technology
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Modern Monetary Madness and King George III

Are we doomed to the whims of central banks and oblivion spending governments? Another look at history may shed some insights.

Economics , Philosophy
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Commodity Malthusians and Inflation

The rapid rise in commodity prices worldwide is due to currency devaluations – an inflationary phenomenon – and “Malthusian-inspired demand” is obscuring this pernicious problem.

Economics , Philosophy
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We Should All Be Misesians Now

After several centuries of experimentation with boom-and-bust monetary and fiscal policies, we need to give the Austrian school a chance.

Economics , Philosophy
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Less Government: A Rediscovered Trend

Government has become equivalent to an economic bubble: ever inflating and at considerable variance with intrinsic value. What is the solution? Less government. How do we get there? The Constitution’s Framers point the way.

Philosophy , Politics
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A Year of Posts on the Wall Street Journal

Free content added to the Wall Street Journal online site on capital markets, foreign policy-national security, ‘climate change,’ health care, and a variety of other topics.

Culture , Economics , Philosophy , Politics , Science & Technology
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Artists Need To Discover Camaraderie

Camaraderie and effective leadership often found in winning sports teams can benefit the dynamics of many other groups in our society.

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